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The University's Annual Budget

Total Operating Expenses

Effective FY2002, definition of the University's budget is changed to: "Total Operating Expenses" to conform with GASB 34/35 presentation.

Source: Consolidated Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets
[University of Minnesota Annual Report]

Annual Fiscal Year Amounts
FY 2012 $2,948,366,000
FY 2011 $2,886,024,000
FY 2010 $2,900,387,000
FY 2009 $2,902,268,000
FY 2008 $2,747,122,000
FY 2007 $2,532,176,000
FY 2006 $2,368,073,000
FY 2005 $2,201,238,000
FY 2004 $2,098,030,000
FY 2003 $2,117,739,000
FY 2002 $2,005,138,000

Previous Years:
Total Expenditures and Mandatory Transfers

Source: Consolidated Statement of Current Funds Revenues, Expenditures, and Other Changes
[University of Minnesota Annual Report]

Annual Fiscal Year Amounts
FY 2001 $1,885,858,000
FY 2000 (revised) $1,815,854,000
FY 1999 $1,733,180,000
FY 1998 $1,647,967,000
FY 1997 $1,486,390,000
FY 1996 $1,423,500,000
FY 1995 $1,417,970,000
(excluding University Hospital and Clinics)
FY 1994 $1,271,820,000
(excluding University Hospital and Clinics)

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Last modified on February 15, 2011